April’s Fool!!!

need some laughter? :3




Sun Xu, an NUS scholar from PRC made a remark on his blog describing how some people would stare at him after he brushed against them in public:

“There are more dogs than humans in Singapore”

What’s more? One of his blog had a response on a Mr Alex Tan, (made a police report against another Chinese student who made derogatory remarks about Singaporeans): “alex will come looking for you”

Sun Xu’s response?

“I’ll wait for him with a knife”

This fiasco sparked numerous angry responses from Singaporeans yet the outcome of this rude and insensitive dog remark got him a S$3,000 fine, the last semester of his scholar benefits being terminated and 3 months of community service from our feisty NUS.

Sounds harsh to you? Think of it this way, Singapore takes pride in embracing her multicultural, multiracial and multi-religious residents; regardless if you are a citizen, permanent resident, tourist, visa holder or non-hostile alien (it’s true o.o).

So now, he referred to Singaporeans as dogs and apparently Chinese Netizens seem to agree. Reality? Anthony Federico got fired and blazed for his chink remark. Why? Because it is wrong. Like what PM Julia Gillard said to the Muslims and other Immigrants in Aussie:

“Live with our beliefs or get out.

This is Singapore. Doesn’t matter if our ancestors came from China. We made this island our country and home. We didn’t forget our roots, though we are not the same as our ancestors. We may be small and insignificant compared to China, but this is our home.

Show some respect.